Why You Have To Laugh At American Hustle

What To Expect

I really did not know what to expect from the film, American Hustler, before I went to see it.

I knew from the little bit of advertising that I had seen about the film that it was set in the 70's, which is really my time period as a young man. Well okay the 60's and the 70's.

Before I went to see the film I wondered if they would get the time period right. When the labels on your suit were as wide as your shoulders, when some of the men's shoes had heels higher than the ones the women were wearing. I reckon I cleaned more floors with my bell bottom trousers than any man alive.

Well I did not have to worry, American Hustler came up with the goods and than some.

The Details

The attention to detail of the clothes and props from that era was really good. And when I saw Christian Bale in his suits and clothes I really did have to laugh remembering what I wore from that era.

The Actors

The acting was superb all the way from the supporting actors to Christian Beale.

Bradley Cooper was spot on as the FBI man gone wrong. I thought the scene where he was wearing the hair curlers was hilarious and I think everyone watching the movie had a good laugh about that. As the years go by you forget what it was really like in the 70's.

There is one scene where he is wearing a tan suit, I actually wore one almost identical. Would I wear that same suit today, probably not.

Jennifer Lawrence was at the top of profession and to be nominated for best supporting actress is well deserved.

I thought Amy Adams played the part really well and the nomination for best actress was what she deserved.

Christian Bale I think should have won best actor if for nothing else by the sheer weight he had to put on and well now have to lose if he plays Batman again.

I could not leave this review without the mention of Robert De Niro who played the part of the gangster. It really put the icing on the cake for this film.

The Plot

The plot of the story was good and you did wonder from time to time if they were actually going to get away with a hustler of any sort.


Would I recommend this film? Yes I would without hesitation, the story behind the film was good, the acting was great and the time period was captured in every detail.

They should make more films like this. Great film.

 Last updated on March 29, 2014

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Guestbook 16 comments

tonyleather 5 months ago

Looking forward to seeing this!

BestOfGeorge profile image

BestOfGeorge 5 months ago Hub Author

@tonyleather: Hi,

Thanks for your comments. Hope you enjoy the film as much as I did.

David Stone1 profile image

David Stone1 5 months ago from New York City Level 7 Commenter

Nicely done with a clean, fresh approach. I lived it.

lazywrites profile image

lazywrites 5 months ago Level 1 Commenter

I have to see this film, thanks George! :)

esmonaco profile image

esmonaco 5 months ago from Lakewood New York Level 7 Commenter

I have not seen this yet, but will now have to, I loved your review, as I to grew up in same time period. Congratulations on Review of the day!!! Well done :)

Rhonda Lytle profile image

Rhonda Lytle 5 months ago from Deep in the heart of Dixie Level 6 Commenter

You got me when you mentioned De Niro. Huge fan. I will have to scope this out.

Phillych 5 months ago

Great movie! Cooper, Bale, Adams & Lawrence were great! Cons & more cons doesn't get any better than this

gcpchem 5 months ago

its nice

Andromachi profile image

Andromachi 5 months ago Level 4 Commenter

Good review but I don't understand your title.

malikjany6 5 months ago

nice review

BestOfGeorge profile image

BestOfGeorge 5 months ago Hub Author

@malikjany6: Hi,

Thanks for liking my first lens review. It is greatly appreciated and has inspired me to do more.

BestOfGeorge profile image

BestOfGeorge 5 months ago Hub Author

@Andromachi: Hi,

Just to answer your question about the title. First of all, well spotted, it really does not make a lot of sense, it would have been better with just one have in the title.


Arachnea profile image

Arachnea 5 months ago from Texas USA Level 6 Commenter

enjoyed your lens and info about the movie. the seventies was an interesting decade for sure. congrats on lotd.

BestOfGeorge profile image

BestOfGeorge 5 months ago Hub Author

@Arachnea: Hi,

Thanks for liking my review lens, it means a great deal to me and highly appreciated.

tracy-arizmendi profile image

tracy-arizmendi 5 months ago from Northern Virginia Level 4 Commenter

I agree the movie was totally hilarious and the acting was superb! The costume design was totally on target. I remember my Dad wearing suits like the guys wore in the movie and don't get me started on the long hair and side burns.... I

BestOfGeorge profile image

BestOfGeorge 5 months ago Hub Author

@tracy-arizmendi: Hi,

Thanks for liking my first review lens and your comments, it is greatly appreciated.

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